Eco-Logic Awards 2019

Chris Bladen Sculpture Brown Trout Riverdance
Chris Bladen Brown Trout

Eco-Logic Awards 2019

I was one of 15 artists invited to create artworks inspired by their love and concern for the natural world. The exhibition aimed to speak to current environmental issues and raise funds for the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

The exhibition was featured at the prestigious Eco-Logic Awards held at Sun International’s Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town on World Environment Day. Afterwards the exhibition was showcased at The Studio Art Gallery in Simon’s Town.

I chose the brown trout as subject as it is a classic freshwater fish that has been iconic amongst the salmonid family for hundreds of years. It is a fish that needs clean, cold, well-oxygenated water and has a low tolerance to polluted water systems. Global warming, heavy metals, plastics and antibiotics are increasingly posing a threat to our wild fish population. I hope to inspire an appreciation of the beauty of our marine and bird life, and the desire to respect and conserve them.

Riverdance – Brown Trout
Edition: 15
Size: 55 x 28 x 79cm

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