Chris Bladen Sculpture Sugarbird


Chris Bladen Sculpture Sugarbird

In summer, these stunning little birds are abundant in the fynbos of the southern Cape. With their long tails flapping whilst in playful flight, they are a joy to watch… and sculpt!

Edition of 25
Bronze on Crystal
19.5cm x 11cm x 17cm

Malachite Sunbird

Chris Bladen Sculpture Malachite

In breeding season male Malachite Sunbirds have a strikingly bright green metallic plumage and are abundant in the wild and gardens in the Cape region. I’ve been keen to do one for ages, so here goes. This Sunbird’s base is a sugarbush protea, one of their favourite flora for collecting nectar.

Malachite Sunbird on a sugarbush
Edition of 25
Bronze on Granite
24cm x 10cm x 38cm

The Steppe Buzzard

Chris Bladen Sculpture Steppe Buzzard

I started dabbling in creating bronzes of birds a couple of years ago. Having these beautiful creatures hopping around our garden, going about their business, and not taking advantage of having these little ‘live models’ would be such a waste. I believe if you’re looking for subject matter to sculpt, it’s often what surrounds you on a daily basis that make the best subjects.

I went on a raptor ringing trip and had the rare opportunity to catch wild birds of prey, document and ring them, have a serious good look, take a few quick photos and then release them. On that trip we encountered an astonishing amount of steppe buzzards. Since then I’ve noticed these birds all over the place – on recent fishing trips, sitting on telephone posts, and locally in vineyards scanning the allies for possible prey. I’ve been wanting to sculpt a raptor for some time, so the Steppe Buzzard presented itself as the logical choice.

The Steppe Buzzard
Edition of 15
21cm x 24cm x 60cm