Karoo Prinia


Karoo Prinia

Prinia maculosa

The Karoo prinia has always been one of my favourite little passerines, or perching birds. Fairly common residents in South Africa, they have a very distinct call and frequent low scrub and thorny bush for protection.. I’m fascinated by their busy little lifestyles.

Title: Karoo Prinia

Edition: 25

Size: 10 x 15 x 45cm

Material composition: Crystal

Recent News

Lockdown at the Breede River

We were extremely lucky to spend the first three and a half months of lockdown 2020 in isolation in my favourite place in South Africa – Cape Infanta. Many thanks to my friend Neil (Beetle) for letting us stay in your house.

Red letter day – Grunter heaven

I’ve had a fair bit of luck when it comes to fly fishing, but the spotted grunter (Pomadasys commersonnii), a local saltwater species we target on fly in our estuaries, is another story!


I believe if you’re looking for subject matter to sculpt, it’s often what surrounds you on a daily basis that make the best subjects.

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