Black Rhino

Rhino | Animal

Black Rhino

Diceros bicornis

Elusive and magnificent, the black rhino embodies Africa’s wild spirit. This sculpture aims to capture their strength and resilience, paying tribute to these endangered giants and helping to raise awareness of their plight.

Title: Black Rhino

Edition: 25

Size: 18.5 x 5.7 x 9cm

Material composition: Patinated bronze

Recent News

Lockdown at the Breede River

We were extremely lucky to spend the first three and a half months of lockdown 2020 in isolation in my favourite place in South Africa – Cape Infanta. Many thanks to my friend Neil (Beetle) for letting us stay in your house.

Red letter day – Grunter heaven

I’ve had a fair bit of luck when it comes to fly fishing, but the spotted grunter (Pomadasys commersonnii), a local saltwater species we target on fly in our estuaries, is another story!


I believe if you’re looking for subject matter to sculpt, it’s often what surrounds you on a daily basis that make the best subjects.

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