About Chris

Widely acclaimed for his bronze sculptures of wild fish and birds, Cape Town based artist Chris Bladen has also designed a small range of bronze and silver bird pendants.

Born out of his fascination with the subject, these miniature sculptures were initially made for the gratification and faster turnaround production time of working on a smaller scale.


Gifted to family and friends, the exquisite miniatures soon caught the eye of gallerists and the public. Shop owners clamoured for stock, and after selling out at studio sales, Chris upped production to supply an exclusive list of upmarket galleries and gift shops.


Each piece is hand-carved by Chris, from which a mold is made. They are then reproduced in small batches, predominantly in bronze and occasionally silver. The bronze pieces are all individually patinated by hand, a process that makes each piece unique, after which they are sealed to prevent further oxidation. The silver castings are left in their natural



Each miniature is carefully packed in a handcrafted wooden box made of white gum, a sustainable resource as it is an alien species in South Africa.


“My aim in life is to help promote love and peace in this precious world of ours. To me, these little sculptures are a symbol of that,” says Chris.

In that spirit, these miniature sculpture pendants can now be purchased online as a beautiful, meaningful gift for a loved one or yourself.

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