The year is flying by – as it does when you’re hard at work. I’ve been kept out of trouble helping Rena raise two very active toddlers while creating new sculptures and keeping up with orders and stocking galleries.
The twins are doing marvelously – they’re growing mentally and physically by the day, and I must admit it’s hard to keep up!hat's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

April 04, 2019

Writing the newsletter has never been my strong point, and having the twins around really eats into one’s time. I can hardly believe that Anna and Lily turned three at the end of January! They are as busy and inquisitive as ever, and have just started their school career at a playgroup. I’m happy to say they are still getting fly-tying lessons – a fun yet sometimes frustrating process for me as they think they know everything!

With 2018 fast drawing to an end, I can only say it’s been a good one!

Watching the girls develop and grow has been phenomenal, despite the odd times where frustration and fatigue could drive you close to insanity. 

In Cape Town, a two-year drought was broken, bringing great relief to a community that was getting close to panic...

Spring is finally here and the wildflowers are showing themselves in massive numbers this year, after one of the worst droughts in many decades in the Cape Province. With our dam levels in the single digits not so long ago, the good winter rains has brought great relief for all. And our beloved trout rivers that were virtually impossible to fish during the drought are showing signs of a great season ahead!

May 02, 2018

It’s been a while since my last newsletter, so apologies. A lot has happened since December. I previously mentioned that I was moving into a new studio. It took a while to get set up again, as I had a shoulder op in early December and had to take it easy for a couple of months for recovery. Fortunately, I was still able to do some light sculpting and, more, fortunately, some light fly fishing!

December 11, 2017

I’ve been dabbling in these ‘miniature sculptures’ for a couple of years, and due to their popularity Rena and I decided to increase the range and up production. We’ve had beautiful little wooden boxes made out of white gum wood, and lined the interior with traditional African printed fabric known as shweshwe....


November 22, 2017


Things certainly haven’t been dull. We took the twins to the Cederberg to visit some friends, not knowing how they would take to the rugged mountain terrain, being ‘beach babies’. Much to our pleasant surprise, they loved the new adventure and spent days on end exploring the countryside with all its new delights...

September 28, 2017

What's this Man alive – what a privilege to be the father of these two little critters! Never did I imagine that life would take such a serious turn… ha ha! Actually, they are like two little magnets. As fast as I run away to work, just as fast I start missing them.item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...



July 19, 2017

What's this item abouI am excited about exhibiting bronzes at the South African Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Expo this coming weekend. Work is almost done and ready to go, but there are some last minute finishing touches.

It promises to be an awesome event for the whole family with an interest in fly-fishing and the outdoors...

May 25, 2017


I couldn’t believe my luck when I got the go-ahead from ‘The Boss’ to go fish this special island off Mauritius a couple of weeks ago. My pal Andrew Veglio dangled the carrot in front of me when a last-minute slot opened up. St Brandon’s is arguably one of the best bonefishing destinations on the planet when it comes to the average size of these special fish. This little atoll is well known for BIG GTs, and the ‘holy grail’ of saltwater fly-fishing – permit.

A new chapter

March 13, 2017

Rena and I have also taken a huge leap of faith. She recently quit her job at one of the top media houses in Cape Town to help me with my sculpture business. Over the years, my admin has increased so much, that I find myself more of an office jockey, than a sculptor. We are both very nervous, but at the same time optimistic at what the future holds in for us as a team!

December 14, 2016

I modeled this shark after a Raggy called Maxine some years ago for the Two Oceans Aquarium in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town. Maxine was an iconic shark as she was the first to be released by the aquarium after living in captivity for 8 years. Prior to her release she was fitted with a pop-up satellite tag and within six months after release, data showed that she had swum an astonishing 600 km up the East coast heading towards Mozambique...

October 25, 2017

I made the original back in 2002, and over the years produced 10 bronzes of this piece. In some ways I am going to miss his presence, and in others not. Finding suitable rocks for him to be based on has been my biggest problem. Not only that they are real back-breakers, but more so that they are extremely scarce! People would argue, ‘but there are thousands of rocks all over the place!’ The problem is, to find the right rock - not too big nor too small - relatively flat underneath - good looking and a number of other crucial things I won’t bore you with...

Del Brown Permit Tournament – Florida USA

July 25, 2017

About a year ago, the Del Brown family commissioned me to make a Perpetual Sculpture of a Permit in memory of the late Del Brown – he was famous for creating the Merkin fly, on which he caught over 300 permit.

The sculpture will be used by the Del Brown Permit Tournament as a Perpetual Trophy.


May 25, 2016

Recently, I was asked to exhibit my work at Abu Dhabi’s leading art gallery, The Etihad Modern Art Gallery. This was a fantastic opportunity to get my work into the United Arab Emirates, which is surrounded by a warm ocean filled with incredible sea life. The people in that part of the world have a great respect and admiration for the oceans and its creatures.

March 06, 2016

My wife, Rena, and I have been truly blessed by the new addition to our family! On the 28thJanuary, Rena gave birth to our beautiful twin girls, Lily Grace and Anna Rose!

They are our first children (and probably our last), and you can well imagine that the last 6 weeks have been pretty upside down in our once quiet abode. I am however pleased to report that they are doing very well, and despite a lot of the hard work (and sleepless nights), have brought Rena and myself a lot of joy!

January 19, 2017

With 2016 well on it’s way, I guess most of us are well into the swing of things at work, albeit our heads still slightly in holiday mode. It always takes me a good week or so to get myself into working mode after an epic fishing trip or holiday.



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